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Inspiring the Future's Climate Leaders

My name is Hamilton Steimer, and I am the owner and creator of this website, Greener Future America.


This website was created to provide educational material and resources for visitors already interested in climate change and clean energy and for those just curious and wanting to learn more about how the planet is changing and what that means for the future.


I am a recent graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology's Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management Master's program during which I studied clean energy technologies, environmental policy, and the principles of sustainability.


As part of the university's Drawdown Georgia project, I worked with Dr. Marilyn Brown to determine the top carbon-reduction solutions for the state of Georgia, with a focus on expanding utility-scale solar. I've also engaged in research projects concerning electric vehicle fleets, bioenergy, and transforming Georgia's contaminated lands into solar power generation sites.

Most recently, I completed the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training program and learned how to mobilize grassroots action, engage with community and political leaders, and build momentum towards tangible solutions. This website is my first step towards impacting my community and inspiring others to join the fight against climate change. 


I hope visitors will interact with this website to learn about our changing climate, understand local and national impacts, and discover opportunities to better the planet and their communities. 

Educational Background

  • Master's in Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management - Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Bachelor's in Political Science and International Affairs - University of Georgia



Graduate Capstone 

  • Clean Energy Technologies

  • Climate Change

  • Sustainability

  • Climate Action and Mobilization